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Aims and Scope

Thesis Is an international research journal with double-blind peer review, which is published
by AAB College in Pristina.

The Journal presents an international forum for empirical, qualitative, critical and interpretive
studies on interdisciplinary research in the Social Sciences: Political Sciences, International
Relations, Pedagogical & Educational Research, Economics, Linguistics, Media Studies,
Communication etc. For these problems, the Journal gives priority to the treatments that have
to do with the countries of Southeast Europe, but also welcomes treatments from all over the
world as a holistic feed for various issues in the world.
The Journal accepts original high-quality articles from various theoretical and methodological
approaches and is also open to interpretative and critical articles, as well as monographic
The length of an article should be between 5000-7000 words, including references, appendix
and/or other notes.

Type of publication

Research articles:These are usually empirical papers that have a theoretical explanation,
measurement, interpretation and discussion of results, conclusions and implications. So, these
are new results that need to be validated and disseminated to the specialized scientific
community in the thematic field of the Journal.

Review articles:These are scholarly articles that conduct up-to-date, critical and evaluative
analyses based on the study of specialized sources of information in the disciplinary field in
which the study is being conducted. These articles should include a comprehensive overview of
the current main bibliography. This bibliographic and interpretative review should include the
most representative sources of the issue being addressed, and kept up-to-date. It may be longer
than a research article, but no more than 8,000 words.

Reviews: Texts that provide informative evaluations of recently published texts (no less than 3
years old) and no longer than 1,000 words.

Journal Information and Publication Frequency

ISSN: 1848-4298 (Print)
ISSN: 2623-8381 (Online)

Thesis is published twice a year, the Spring and Fall editions (June and December). The materials
of the Journal are also available online with open access. The deadline for submitting papers for
the Spring edition is March 15, while for the Fall edition is October 15, in the editorial
email [email protected]

Open access policy

Thesis is an international interdisciplinary academic journal which is dedicated to the open
exchange of information.Thesis is freely available for readers and free of charge for the authors
(No APC). Copies of this Journal or articles in this Journal may be distributed free of charge and
without permission. All published articles are Open Access, free to all readers. You are free to
share, copy and redistribute the materials in any medium or format for any purpose.
Articles published in the Journal are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC
BY 4.0) license.
Authors are allowed and encouraged to post their work online (on the author’s personal page,
department page, employer page, or institutional repository, social media, professional media,
etc.), in order to increase visibility and citations.

Editorial Board

Aleksandar Takovski, AAB College, Pristina Kosovo
Antony Hoyte-West, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Arianit Maraj, AAB College, Pristina Kosovo
Artan Fuga, University of Tirana – Albania, Universite Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas – France
Bashkim Rrahmani, AAB College, Pristina Kosovo
Besime Ziberi, AAB College, Pristina Kosovo
Camelia Cmeciu, University of Bucharest, Romania
Dimitra Laurence Larochelle, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Université de Bourgogne,
Dijon, France
Hüseyin Uzunboylu, Near East University, Turkey
Jürgen Rudolph, Kaplan Higher Education, Singapore
Letizia Materassi, University of Florence, Italy
Łukasz Tomczyk, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland
Margarita Kefalaki, Communication Institute of Greece, Hellenic Open University, Greece
Marika Butskhrikidze, AAB College, Pristina, Kosovo
Nedžad Korajlić, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pierluigi Musarò, University of Bologna & London School of Economics, Italy
Rolando Marini, University for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy
Silvana Neshkovska, St. Kliment Ohridski University-Bitola, North Macedonia


Announcements & Call for papers


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Thesis is peer review journal published by AAB College